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Since 2018, Ideal Lodgings has been providing short term serviced accommodation in the North West of England. We launched with just one property and have since built up a portfolio of 13 stylish properties across Bury, Rawtenstall, Manchester, Salford and Fallowfield.

Since launching, we have provided amazing, short term serviced accommodation to leisure guests and business contractors looking for an alternative to a hotel. Unlike a hotel, our properties are fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable short term stay. Think of it as your ideal home from home!

Whether you are in the city of Manchester for business or visiting family in the Rossendale Valley, our range of charming properties will be the ideal accommodation for you.

We also provide short term serviced accommodation for estate agency clients, for those moving in to the area or going through a house purchase as well as emergency accommodation for home insurance companies. If you would like to discuss booking on of our fully-serviced properties on behalf of a client, please get in touch.

Why Choose Ideal Lodgings?

Why stay in a cramped hotel room paying over the odds when you can have a whole house to yourself? At Ideal Lodgings, we go above and beyond with our short term serviced accommodation.

Locations & Facilities

Each Ideal Lodgings property is perfectly situated close to key amenities and notable locations, such as Manchester City Centre, Bury centre and the heart of the Rossendale Valley. They are all located within safe, quiet areas and most properties feature external CCTV.

Plus, whether it is a private driveway or street parking, all of our properties have access to free parking for numerous cars.

Our properties range from modern two-bedroom apartments to luxurious four-bedroom townhouses. Each property is renovated, decorated, and styled to a beautiful standard. They feature all the facilities you may need for a wonderful stay.

For example, the modern, fully equipped kitchens have everything you need to cook and dine. And the laundry facilities mean you don’t have to overpack.

The workstations and free Wi-Fi enable you to work efficiently, and the beds are always made up with fresh, high-quality bedding for a restful night’s sleep.

Plus, the added Ideal Lodgings extras, such as the complimentary toiletries and the teas and coffees make your stay a little more comfortable. Some of the properties even have streaming services and BT Sports!

Our Promise To You

Fully-Serviced Accommodation

Comfortable beds

Spotlessly Clean

Free Wi-Fi

All Toiletries & Linen Provided

Keys On time

Privacy & Security

Abundance Of Amenities

Excellent Location

Fully Equipped Kitchen

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The Ideal Lodgings Team

Ideal Lodgings began when a local Manchester girl met a Scottish boy and started a life together in Manchester. We both had professional careers that were very demanding and wanted to start something together that would allow us to have more time with each other, our families and friends.

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A Message From Stacey

Hi, I’m Stacey and I am a fully qualified architect that has worked in an architectural practice for over 10 years. For the past few years, I worked on a large multi-million pound project located just outside of London, so I became a frequent traveller for work. This meant staying in hotels for days and sometimes weeks at a time, which soon became very tiring. I know all too well that you miss being in your own home, where you can relax on the sofa and watch TV with a home-cooked meal after a long day.

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A Message From Rebecca

Hi, I’m Rebecca! I have just joined the Ideal Lodgings team to help our guests find the ideal accommodation they need. I have a huge passion for travel and tourism. Since I completed my travel and tourism course in 2019, I have always been interested in helping others find the perfect domestic travel and accommodation they require. I have visited a few hotels previously in different locations, which has enticed me into the short-term serviced accommodation career path!

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A Message From Dave

Hi, I’m Dave and I was a site engineering manager who used to spend a lot of time working away from home living out of hotels rooms.

I frequently used to speak to a many teams of trades people who were also travelling throughout the UK and internationally for days to months on projects.

Eating at the same hotel restaurant every night meant we all quickly became bored of the same food menus and wanted to cook our own food. I also craved some home comforts, a comfy sofa to chill out and watch a bit of TV, more room to put my cases away and unpack my clothes.

Clothes washing facilities. A fridge/freezer to store healthy food bought for lunch the next day. A nice quiet and private place away from work sites and hotel bars/pubs/restaurants to discuss things with work colleagues and projects team members.

Somewhere with decent internet, I always worried how secure some of the hotel internet was and so, this along with Stacey and her ideas was how Ideal lodgings came to be.

The Start Of Ideal Lodgings

Through our reluctancy to continue staying in hotels, the idea for Ideal Lodgings was born. We decided to offer short term, homely accommodation for all the professionals and contractors that have to work away from home.

We wanted to provide a cosy yet spacious place to stay rather than just a room with a bed and a tiny bathroom. We want our guests to feel like they have the space to relax in a property they can call their own for as long as they need. 

We soon discovered that it’s not just professionals that need accommodation. Our properties are loved by families, couples and groups of friends. The Ideal Lodgings properties became rare gems for people that were wanting to get away and visit family and friends or explore the many adventures that Manchester has to offer.

All of our properties have fully equipped kitchens so our guests can still have that family Sunday Roast, play games and enjoy quality time together.

Our Aims

At Ideal Lodgings, we want to ensure that you feel at home in our properties. We know all too well that work can take you to many faraway places but having your own space can make a huge difference. Our hope is that each and every guest is able to relax and get a good night’s sleep while staying away from their home.

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From day one, we have taken pride in providing a very high standard of living accommodation with spacious properties that are a pleasure to stay in.

We hope to continue to grow our portfolio of properties so that we can offer our clients Ideal Lodgings in more convenient locations around the North West.

Our future goal is to branch out into new areas and cities. And wherever we find ourselves, we want to guarantee that all our guests receive the same great service that we pride ourselves on delivering.

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