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The Ideal Lodgings Team

Ideal Lodgings began when a local Manchester girl met a Scottish boy and started a life together in Manchester. We both had professional careers that were very demanding and wanted to start something together that would allow us to have more time with each other, our families and our friends. Today, we are proud to have several properties offering fully serviced accommodation across Lancashire and Greater Manchester. Meet the Ideal Lodgings team below…

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A Message From Stacey

Hi, I’m Stacey and I am a fully qualified architect that has worked in an architectural practice for over 10 years. For the past few years, I worked on a large multi-million pound project located just outside of London, so I became a frequent traveller for work.

This meant staying in hotels for days and sometimes weeks at a time, which soon became very tiring. I know all too well that you miss being in your own home, where you can relax on the sofa and watch TV with a home-cooked meal after a long day.

Eating at the same hotel restaurant every night meant we all quickly became bored of the same food menus and wanted to cook our own food. I also craved some home comforts, a comfy sofa to chill out and watch a bit of TV, more room to put my cases away and unpack my clothes.

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A Message From Dave

Hi, I’m Dave and I was a site engineering manager who used to spend a lot of time working away from home living out of hotels rooms.

I frequently used to speak to a many teams of trades people who were also travelling throughout the UK and internationally for days to months on projects.

Clothes washing facilities. A fridge/freezer to store healthy food bought for lunch the next day. A nice quiet and private place away from work sites and hotel bars/pubs/restaurants to discuss things with work colleagues and projects team members.

Somewhere with decent internet, I always worried how secure some of the hotel internet was and so, this along with Stacey and her ideas was how Ideal lodgings came to be.


A Message From Laura

Hi, I’m Laura! I have joined the Ideal Lodgings team to help our guests find the ideal accommodation they need. I have a huge passion for travel and tourism. I have always been interested in helping others find the perfect travel accommodation they require. If you need a hand navigating your next stay with Ideal Lodgings, don't hesitate to give me a call!

Our Promise To You

Fully-Serviced Accommodation

Comfortable beds

Spotlessly Clean

Free Wi-Fi

All Toiletries & Linen Provided

Keys On time

Privacy & Security

Abundance Of Amenities

Excellent Location

Fully Equipped Kitchen

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