Serviced Apartments for Contractors

If you work contract hours or have to move around a lot for work, then you probably don’t want to spend those weeks living in a hotel room. A serviced apartment is a great alternative if you need to stay somewhere for a short while.

What Is A Serviced Apartment?

A serviced apartment is a fully fitted out, functioning apartment. They include all the appliances and utensils you would need and come with essentials, like bedding and towels, already provided.

Staying in a serviced apartment gives you more freedom and flexibility than living in a hotel. Serviced apartments have kitchens so you can cook for yourself and not be restricted by the limitations of a hotel room or breakfast times.

Who Are Serviced Apartments For?

A serviced apartment is perfect for someone who has to be away from home for a short while. If you are away from home for a week, or longer, you might want a serviced apartment over a hotel. If you are visiting family, taking a long city break or are away for work, Ideal Lodgings can provide you with a fully furnished and decorated serviced apartment.

Serviced Apartments are especially helpful for people who work away from home. You might be on a long business trip, visiting a particular work site or doing contract work that takes you away from home. If this is the case, we understand that you don’t want to be living out of a hotel whilst also doing your work.

If you work a very stressful job you probably want to come home and relax after a long day at work. In a serviced apartment you can come home to a comfortable, cosy decorated apartment that you can relax in and wind down.

serviced apartment lounge with grey carpet

Why Relaxing After Work Is Important

It’s important to be able to separate work life from home life. You need to set up limits and boundaries, it’s too easy to let work bleed over and take over your free time. Staying in a hotel can still feel like you are at work even after you have finished and it’s easy to end up working for longer than you should.

Staying in a serviced apartment can help redefine that line between work and home. It’s important to relax after a long day of work. Taking a break can help the brain relax and rejuvenate so you can work more effectively and efficiently.

One of the best ways to relax and reset after a hard day’s work is a goods night’s rest. The body needs at least 8 hours of rest to be able to function well and for us to be successful in our day to day tasks.

Ideal Lodgings serviced apartments are fitted out with soft comfortable beds with fresh cosy bedding to help you get the good nights sleep you deserve and the rest that you need to do your best work.

Why Use Ideal Lodgings

Ideal Lodgings has a variety of beautifully furnished and stylishly decorated apartments all over the North-West, including Manchester, Salford, and Bury. We understand you want to be able to sit back and relax after work and here at Ideal Lodgings we are dedicated to making your stay as easy and enjoyable as possible.

We provide all the facilities and amenities you would find in a hotel. This means all essentials, like towels, bedding, some toiletries, tea and coffee are all included. All of our apartments have everything you would need, such as cups and plates so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything you don’t need to.

We have a guest manual in every apartment so that when you arrive you’ll know exactly how to use everything like the WIFI and heating. The guest manual will also include a little information on the area you’re staying in, such as things to do and places to eat. We want you to get the most out of your stay.

Contact Us

If you are interested in staying in an Ideal Lodgings serviced apartment then browse our website to see what apartments and houses we have available.

If you are planning to stay in one of our properties and have any questions, please contact us and we are happy to answer any questions you might have. We can also help arrange something in the payment if you would like.

You can contact us easily, either by email or by calling 07985 023 630.

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