The Benefits Of Serviced Accommodation

If you are looking for accommodation for an extended stay, then you probably want something a little more homely and inviting than a hotel.

If this is the case, then serviced accommodation could be the right choice for you but what are the benefits of serviced accommodation.

What is serviced accommodation?

A serviced apartment is a fully fitted out, functioning apartment. They include all the appliances and utensils you would need and come with essentials, like bedding and towels, already provided.

Staying in a serviced apartment gives you more freedom and flexibility than living in a hotel. Serviced apartments have kitchens so you can cook for yourself and not be restricted by the limitations of a hotel room or breakfast times.

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What Are The Benefits Of Serviced Accommodation?

There are many benefits to staying in serviced accommodation, especially when compared to other overnight stay arrangements such as hotels and hostels.

Here at Ideal Lodgings all of our serviced accommodation is designed to feel more like homes than hotels so that you never feel like your staying in a place that isn’t yours. With a serviced apartment or house you can enjoy the home and the facilities at your leisure.

We provide all the facilities and amenities you would find in a hotel. This means all essentials, like towels, bedding, some toiletries, tea and coffee are all included. All of our apartments have everything you would need, such as cups and plates so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything you don’t need to.

We have a guest manual in every apartment so that when you arrive you’ll know exactly how to use everything like the WIFI and heating. The guest manual will also include a little information on the area you’re staying in, such as things to do and places to eat. We want you to get the most out of your stay.  

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Who Can Benefit From Serviced Accommodation?

Serviced accommodation can be really helpful for people who are staying away from home for a while but still want all the comforts and cosy home can offer.

Serviced accommodation is the perfect home away from home. You can end the workday by relaxing in a gorgeous, stylishly furnished apartment and not having to feel like you’re restricted by the limited options you have in a hotel. You can cook your own meals and not have to worry about finding somewhere to eat or have to eat when the hotel can accommodate you.

Contractors and people working away from home for a while can really benefit from staying in serviced accommodation. Hotels can be stuffy and uninviting, and this can it make it hard the relax after work. If you can’t relax after work, then it becomes harder to switch off and you can become tense, and it can affect your work performance.

Staying in a serviced apartment can be extremely helpful to an employee’s mental wellbeing, epically if they work long hours or have a very demanding job or workload. Little things can have a huge impact on an employee’s wellbeing and something as small have had a home-cooked meal can do wonders for their overall comfort and stress levels.

Most hotel rooms are only built to cater for one or two people whereas with a serviced apartment or house you can have a large group of people all staying together to give you that much needed social aspect that is needed to fully relax and unwind after a busy day.

This makes serviced accommodation perfect for those wanting to get away with family and friends but don’t want to be split up and spread over a hotel. Similarly, this can be great for work events and getaways for when you want the whole workforce to have easy access to one other, whether it’s for group meetings and sessions or for everyone to get to know each other with some well-deserved downtime.

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  1. I loved that you mentioned that a serviced apartment comes with all the cooking and living essentials that you’d need. I’m hoping to stay at a serviced apartment for my work conference in a few months. It’d be more convenient than a hotel for sure.


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